CP ZOU with Lignes d’Azur

The urban stops between Nice and Le Chaudan are available
with a Lignes d’Azur ticket


Reach the Allianz Riviera Stadium in 15 minutes from the Libération district, Colomars-La Manda in 20min and Plan du Var Vésubie in 40min.

With excellent hilly services (Parc impérial, St Philippe, La Madeleine…), Chemins de fer de Provence is increasing the frequency of its services
between Nice and Colomars, with 4 additional evening round trips on Fridays and Saturdays.


Consult / Download the timetable

Nice-Colomars-Plan du Var


Mandatory validation of Lignes d’Azur tickets on dedicated validators installed on board our trains.


Lignes d’Azur tickets are systematically checked on board trains.

All ticket purchases on board trains are subject to the regional ZOU! fare system.


Lignes d’Azur ticket sales: ticket office at Nice station and automatic ticket machines installed on the Colomars – La Manda platform (soon on the Gambetta platform). Valid tickets are: “Ma Carte” loaded with subscription or Solo, Aller/Retour, Multi-Voyages, Pass 1 jour, 2 jours, 7 jours tickets, “La Carte” loaded with Solo, Aller/Retour, Multi-Voyages, Pass 1 jour, 2 jours, 7 jours tickets.


Lignes d’Azur, what’s new ?

ZOU! tickets can be purchased at ticket offices in our stations (Nice, Plan du Var, Puget-Théniers, Entrevaux, Annot, Thorame-Haute, St-André-les-Alpes, Digne-les-Bains) and on board trains from the conductor. ZOU! tickets still validated by the train conductor.

Stops served by the Chemins de fer de Provence line and metropolitan connections with Lignes d’Azur buses.

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