Hiking around La Colle-Saint-Michel

To get to the hotel, as part of the La Colle Saint-Michel all-inclusive excursion, the outward journey starts from the Thorame-Haute train station. For the return, several hikes are proposed with different destination stations (Thorame-Haute, Peyresq or Méailles).

Day 1 : Hike to the hotel

Arrival at Thorame-Haute

At the exit of the station, follow the road to the right (towards Allos).
Join the path on the right after the railroad crossing.


Follow the path towards La Colle Saint-Michel.

  • Hike 1h32 of ascent : Itinerary intermediate level
  • 3,05 km
  • 420m D+, strong difference in level up to 1,5km

Day 2 : hike back to the train to Nice

Take the train at Thorame-Haute

Or at Peyresq


Or at Méailles